Young Living has more than 20 years experience in essential oils. They have a great selection of oils – more than 120 singles and blends. Young living has a Seed to Seal process that guarantees the purity and potency of every oil. You can read about their seed to seal process here. Young Living oils have no expiration date and are safe to ingest.


There are three common ways to use essential oils:


to apply topically – Oils can be applied directly to the skin. The bottoms of your feet are a popular place to apply oils. The feet are not a sensitive area and the oils will be drawn into the body quickly. You can also apply an oil onto a specific area, diluted or not.

to ingest – Oils can be dropped under the tongue. If you do not like the taste of a certain oil in can be dropped into vegetable capsules to ingest.

to breathe – Place a drop of oil onto your hands, rub them together, place your hands over your nose & mouth, and take a deep breath.